SSC CGL Important Instructions for exam day

SSC CGL Important Instructions for exam day

SSC CGL Important Instructions

Necessary documents:

  • Admit Card: The admission certificate or admit card will contain your roll number (which is your login ID) and password for computer exam. It will also contain your ticket number, exam venue details and examination schedule including the date and timings.
  • ID proof (one photocopy as well as original)-Aadhar, driving license, university or college ID card, voter ID card or Pan card.

Reaching examination center:

Reach the venue at the reporting time.Plan beforehand how to reach the venue to avoid last minute hassle.Visit exam venue one day in advance to see the route and know its location especially if you are new to the examination city.

Entry to exam center:



Prohibited items:

You are not allowed to carry the following items in the exam centre: Watches (timers, wrist watch, etc.), books, pens, paper chits, magazines, electronic items (such as mobile phones, blue tooth devices, pen camera or buttonhole camera, scanner, calculator, pen drives, hard drives, CDs or other storage devices).

Pens, pencils, and papers required for rough work would be provided by the center in the exam hall.

An electronic watch (timer) would be available on the computer screen on which the candidates will be giving the exam.

Note: If any candidate is found carrying any of these prohibited items inside the examination hall, the candidate will be barred from the SSC CGL examination for three years.

Steps to follow inside the exam center:

Candidates have to follow these steps as shown below when they enter the examination up to the time they exit the hall.

SSC CGL : Important Instructions


Security check:

Candidates will be frisked in the ‘Frisking Area’ after they enter to make sure they are not carrying any of the prohibited items. A separate frisking area is provided for female candidates. All candidates will be frisked by female personnel only. The process is compulsory for all candidates.

Registration Desk:

After the frisking process, candidates will have to go to the registration desk for their biometric registration.The necessary documents mentioned above will be checked here.

Candidates need to give a clear left thumb impression (LTI) for biometric data registration. Once the biometric data has been registered, you will not be allowed to leave the examination hall.

You will also have to provide a certification statement in running handwriting and signature on the Commission’s copy of admission certificate at desk itself.

Reaching computer exam lab:

When registration is completed, you will be assigned a lab number and a computer number on your admission certificate. You will also be given a verification stamp on your admission certificate. Without this stamp, you will not be allowed entry inside the computer exam lab.

The location of the computer exam lab will be notified on the notice board near the registration desk. In the case of doubts, contact the exam lab personnel.

Show your admit card to the invigilator upon entering the lab. Candidates are not allowed to change the computer assigned to them under any circumstances. Doing so will lead to your exam being canceled immediately.

On your assigned computer:

Type your roll number and password as specified in your admission certificate/admit card on the computer.

Read the instruction sheet and click on “I have read the terms and instructions” button.

You will have to take a sample test before you take the actual SSC CGL exam.

If there is a problem with your computer or any other issue, make sure you contact the invigilator immediately.In the case of any technical problem, slow speed of server or breakdown of the server, etc., candidates will not lose exam writing time.

Important note:

No candidate is allowed to leave the computer exam lab for any reason without the permission of the exam functionaries. If you do so, you will not be allowed to re-enter and will be barred from the exam.

All exam labs have CCTV cameras. Candidates should not talk to each other, cheat or use any other kind of unfair means for the exam. If you do so, you will be barred from the exam.