Questions asked : 30 August Morning shift SSC CGL 2016

We are sharing Questions asked : 30 August Morning shift SSC CGL 2016: 
1.Maximum thorium reserve in which country ? India
2.When did french revolution began? 1789
3.Father of Abul Fazal? Shaikh Mubarak
4.Euro Cup 2016 Winner? Portugal
5.Morphology of chromosome can be best observed in which stage of cell division? Metaphase stage
6.United Nations established in which year? 24 Oct 1945
7.Which athlete is known as blade runner? Oscar Pistorius
8.Which is called quicklime? Cao (Calcium oxide)
9.Unit of radioactive? Curie
10.First viceroy who died in India? Lord Mayo
11.WEP full form? Wired Equivalent Privacy
12.Find Odd one? Agra, Darjeeling ,Shimla , Ooty Agra
13.Which of the following range parallel to the Indian Coastline?
14.Vande Mataram song has been taken from which Book? Anandamath
15.Which county allows human euthanasia? Netherland

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