Result of SSC CGL 2015

SSC finally declared much-awaited result of SSC CGL 2015.

The result of Tier-II of Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2015 was declared on 09.02.2016. In all 18,054 candidates qualified in Tier-II for Interview/ Non-Interview posts including those candidates who qualified in more than one List.

Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) and Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) are of qualifying nature. The candidates qualifying in Module I of DEST were eligible for evaluation of Module II + III of CPT.

While allocating posts to eligible candidates, merit-cum-preference criteria have been adopted. The allocation has been made for the following lists – i. List I : Interview posts (other than Statistical Investigator) – Option A to Q, S, % ii. List II : Interview post (Statistical Investigator Grade II) – Option R iii. List III : Non-interview posts – Option T to Z, @, $, #

Link for Result of SSC CGL 2015 :

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