Diseases caused by various microorganisms

Organisms that cause disease are called pathogens.Number of diseases are caused by microorganism.Type of microorganism which causes a particular disease and vice-versa are asked in many examinations.By learning few names you can boost your preparations for various examinations like SSC , Bank ,RRB, State PSC , UPSC etc etc.So we are sharing important disease names and type of microorganism causing it

Diseases caused by various microorganisms:

Diseases caused by viruses:

Flu (influenza), Common cold, Measles, mumps, German measles (Rubella), Smallpox, Cowpox, Chicken pox, HIV (can lead to AIDS), rabies,Dengue,Ebola,Herpes,hepatitis,meningitis,pneumonia,Chikungunya

Diseases caused by bacteria:

Cholera, tuberculosis (TB), septicaemia (“blood poisoning”), anthrax,Diphtheria ,Leprosy,Tetanus ,Typhoid fever,Whooping cough

Diseases caused by fungi:

Athlete’s foot (not only caught by athletes, or confined to the foot!), ringworm (not a worm), thrush (not a bird)

Diseases caused by protozoa/protoctista:

Malaria, sleeping sickness, dysentery