Narration : Direct Indirect Speech Practice set 1

For Direct Indirect Speech first you must learn the rules then you must practice some questions. If you want to learn basic rules of Direct Indirect Speech you may read our Direct Indirect Speech rules post(Narration : Direct Indirect Speech Rules Part-1). If you already know the basics practice following Direct Indirect Speech questions :

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Narration : Direct Indirect Speech Rules Part-1

Most of the students struggle to score good marks in English paper of  SSC CGL Exam. In English there are some topics , you need not be an expert  to score good marks. If you know the basic rules for these topics  you can boost your preparation, Direct Indirect Speech is one of them. In SSC CGL Tier 2 every year 25 to 27 questions are asked form Direct Indirect Speech. There are simple rules for Direct and Indirect speech , if you know them then it can boost your marks in English.We are sharing rules for Direct Indirect Speech Part-1  in this post.Learn the rules and practice them, we will also share important questions for practice.

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Algebra : Important Formulae & Frequently Asked Questions

Every year 8 to 10 questions are asked from algebra in SSC CGL tier 2.Some aspirants find algebra difficult and for some it’s very easy. It isn’t difficult, but it is unfamiliar. Anyone can score good marks in algebra by following three step preparation :

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As we all know current affairs are asked in almost all exams for government jobs like UPSC , SSC , RBI , Banking jobs, RRB , NABARD etc.To prepare for static GK good books are available but for Current Affairs section aspirants are worried . We are providing important current affairs(April to August) in compact form so that aspirants can prepare them in less time for exams like UPSC , SSC , RBI , Banking jobs, RRB , NABARD etc.Most important ones are highlighted.

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Important Questions about Gandhiji

Important Questions about Gandhiji :

From Indian History modern history is most frequently asked in all the exams & in Modern Indian History most important person was Mahatama Gandhi. So aspirants of exams like UPSC , SSC , Banking , RRB etc must read about Gandhiji.

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